Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Drove to Lincoln...

So...on Monday, March 22, I drove to Lincoln (over 100 miles away)to get all the documents in our dossier apostilled. After a loooooong drive, the lady at the Sec. of the State informed me that 4 of the documents were not notarized correctly AND our marriage license had to be sent to Rhode Island to be apostilled (since that is where we were married). I couldn't believe it...MORE WAITING!!! On Tuesday, I overnight expressed our marriage licenses to RI, with an envelope for them to be overnight expressed back. Right now, I have corrected 3 out of the 4 other documents and am anxiously awaiting the fourth. I think I have checked my e-mail every 10 minutes all day waiting to hear from the lady who is re-doing it. I am trying to decide whether or not to drive back to Lincoln on Friday to get them apostilled so I can send out the dossier to Eastern Europe on Friday, rather than have to wait until next week. Time is ticking and I am getting worried that we wont be back from Eastern Europe in time for my brother's wedding in June.
In the mean time, we have gotten a crib and have his room all set...just waiting for him!! God really must be working on my patience and trust in His timing, not mine. I know eventually it will all be worth it, but in the meantime, it is killer!! It is getting harder and harder to concentrate on ANYTHING else. Please pray that the Lord will help the process to go smoothly from here on out AND that I can find joy in the process...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Felt Like I had False Labor!!

So, last Wednesday, we received the USCIS approval in the mail. YEEEEHHHAAAWWW!! Praise God it came sooo quickly. I was so excited and ready to take a trip to Lincoln to get the documents all apostilled. I decided I better fax them to Meredith and Lydia one more time to make sure there were no mistakes. In doing so, I realized that we were missing one document...the state clearance. We obviously got it done for our homestudy, so I just needed to locate it, right?!? WRONG!! Unfortunately, when we started the adoption process, we were going through a different organization, one which DID NOT require a notarized copy of the clearance. So, I called Lincoln to see if they could simply draw up another copy of the clearance and notarize it. NOPE!! Long story short, we needed to re-do our state fingerprinting! I was (and still am) devastated! I literally felt like I went into the hospital thinking I was in labor and they sent me home.
As I type this up, we are still awaiting that stinkin' notarized clearance form. We are hoping and praying it will come quickly so we can get our dossier sent to Eastern Europe. This waiting is getting harder and harder to do!!