Friday, December 3, 2010


T.J. and his big sissies!!

T.J. and his Papa

GOO!! Patriots

What can I say? I LOVE American food!!

Hi everyone you are probably wondering what happend or how is T.J.. Well once my dad got home we got to busy that he just for got about blogging. So I'm here to give you the update. We were so happy once my dad and T.J. got home. We were waiting for that day for months and it had finally come!! Now, I couldm't imagine myself without T.J. He has earned alot, and gained alot! He learned sign language he can even talk a little. He can also walk!  He is a mimicker. He copies EVERYTHING!!! Whenever he hears music he'll bob his head and tap his hand, snap his fingers, roll his arms, or someother dance moves that we have never seen. He LOVES cars especially papa's truck. Every day after my dad comes home from work my dad will play with T.J., then after awhile T.J will start making a car sound and dad give T.J. a little ride in his truck. He just loves his papa!! Right now he is in to hitting or punching himself when he is notty. He also has gained over 5 pounds!!! He just loves American food. He also got 16 teeth pulled!!! So he has only five teeth and on those teeth are silver crowns. So right now T.J. can only eat mushy stuff and some times meat. His favorite thing to eat is either French Fries, ice cream, and mashed or sweet potatos. Other than that T.J. the cutiest most cuddliest thing I have ever seen!! What a wonderful gift God has blssed us with!! Oh, and in case your wodering this is EmmaLee T.J.'s biggest sister.


  1. Hi EmmaLee! I followed your family's journey to bring TJ home. I'm so happy you are doing fine! He looks beautiful and so grown up in the pictures!

  2. Thanks for the update! I got to meet your dad and TJ in EE the day before they came home. I couldn't believe how cute and tiny TJ was riding around in that carrier strapped to your dad! And they had on their matching hats! :) TJ made quite an impression on all of us! It's so wonderful to see him home, growing and thriving in such a loving family. Is it hard to believe he ever really lived in that orphanage? I adopted 3 little ones, and to me it seems impossible that I could ever have not known them, or that they lived without a family's love.