Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We're BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! has been a while!!  Reading over our previous posts and I am amazed at how far little Toby has come in the 3 years we have had him.  We could NEVER have even imagined what an amazing blessing he would be to our family and to ALL that come in contact with him.  In fact, he has inspired at least 2 other families to pursue adopting a child with Down syndrome!
He is in school full days now and is learning so much.  We are praying for his speech to continue to progress.  In fact, today as I was bringing him to school, he got out of the vehicle, pointed at it and said, "Cah"- in true New England fashion. (I know, we live in Nebraska, but we will ALWAYS be New Englanders at heart :)
Over the past three years, there have been several times where one of us has wanted to pursue adopting another child.  It wasn't until a few weeks ago that both Toby and I were in agreement AND excited about the potential of adding another member to our family.  I think I have to credit it to Ms. Chloe and Clover Laughrey.  We were watching them for several weeks while their mommy and daddy were in Omaha Children's Hospital with their new baby brother.  Now that they went home, our home seems empty :(  Little Toby LOVED having them here as well and we feel that there is no time better than now to pursue adopting a brother for him (too much estrogen in this house!!!)! 
We do not have a specific child chosen yet, but do know that we will be adopting domestically this time, for several reasons, and have found a few potentials.  We are in the VERY beginning stages, but would LOVE for you to join us on the journey!!!

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  1. Can you post some pictures of little Tobyhe must be so big right now!