Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I haven't Written in a while, but that doesn't mean things haven't been happening:)

At the present time, our dossier is in Eastern Europe. I got an e-mail a week ago, from Yulia in Eastern Europe stating that my employment letter was not done correctly. I was devastated! I immediately got to work at getting a new one written. On Friday, on our way to a Red Sox game in Kansas City, I got the new letter apostilled and sent it overnight express to Eastern Europe. It cost a fortune for one simple document, but I am tired of waiting. It was supposed to arrive in Eastern Europe yesterday. I haven't heard whether or not they have received it, but I am going with "no news is good news". I am praying that our dossier will still be able to be submitted on Thursday and we are eagerly awaiting a travel date.
I figured out that we chose to adopt Misha on August 25, 2009, so by May 25th, it will be like a full term pregnancy. I am hoping to have an premie though:) I can hardly stand it anymore. There isn't a day that goes by where someone in the community doesn't ask me if we have him yet. I think he is going to be the most popular little man in Kearney, NE.
I am getting a bit nervous because my brother is getting married in June and I would HATE to have to miss his wedding. I am sure he would understand, but I would feel bad. I know that God has the perfect timing and I need to trust in that!!


  1. Wow! I'm so jealous at how many pictures you have of T.J.! What a cutie pie!!! Glad I finally got on your blog. I enjoyed reading some of your older posts to see how you got to where you are.


  2. Hi, I'm alysha..our family adopted our Isaac 9 months ago from the same place..even had Yulia as our facilitator :) She'll take great care of you once your in country..Our little guy's been nothing but a pure blessing in our lives. I just wanted to let you know that you might want to refrain from mentioning where your TJ is from. His country is pretty particular in this kind of stuff..Just to be safe you might want to take out the name of his country. I know it's hard..We're in the process of waiting for our second little boy to come home..He hails from the Republic of Georgia & I'm not allowed to write that on my blog for the same reasons. Anyway..don't want anything to get in the way of TJ coming home to his cool room..(my older son likes it alot :) Blessing to you & can't wait to follow your journey to you know where! :)