Thursday, April 29, 2010

It finally happened!!

I just got the e-mail confirming that our dossier was indeed submitted today. I am sooooo excited!! It is funny how God works. He just wants us to surrender and accept His Will and when we finally come to the end of us...there He is! I am so thankful that I serve such an awesome God. When I am finally holding my little boy in my arms, I will be in awe of all the miracles that it took for us to get there.
I was reading a book last night and a quote jumped out at me. It was truly speaking of exactly where I am. It said, "Even when there is no hope, you must continue working. But it is only when you acknowledge you are powerless that God answers your prayers." It isn't a coincidence that I just confessed my powerlessness, and that I am ok with that, two days ago and then our dossier gets submitted! God is good. I can't wait to see how quickly he'll bring us to meet our son.


  1. Wonderful! Looks like lots of us will be traveling soon. Ours was submitted today too!

  2. Suzanne I'm so happy for you. I'm so excited to watch more of your journey and see you bring your boy home.

  3. Oh, Suzanne! I am so excited for you! You have gon ethrough sooo much to get this sweet boy home! Congrats!

  4. I don't think you know me, but my husband and I are also adopting, and I think we will be traveling around the same time. Our SDA appointment is May 25, and we are leaving one week from today. Do you think we will see you over there?

    Kristie Godwin