Sunday, July 11, 2010

5 days to home!

Good Evening Everyone,

What a rough night, I got sick, and then all day until about 4pm my boy kept throwing up. I think we ate some bad rice at the bizarre yesterday. How nerve racking? I gave it up to God, and after his 3 1/2 minute nap, he was a ok!  (I praise you, Lord!) So he wanted to get out and take a stroll in the stroller and do his favorite, ride the bus! Without him throwing up I felt comfortable doing so.
 We went to my favorite restaurant here. It is called Creedo, I got my usual and my son some mashed potatoes. I got approached by a Ukrainian who lives in Sacramento, who wanted to know what was wrong with my son. For the first time in my life, I did not know what to say.The waiter took our picture sideways sorry! Actually we have figured out how to defy gravity! :0)
Well, we had a good dinner and we both kept it down! Yeah! So we walked about 2-3 miles to our old apartment to see that old lady we talked about before. On the way I stopped and bought him a balloon. He loves balloons.
What a great reception for Misha-TobyNotice she is holding him! She did a whole lot more like kiss, play, walk and dance with him! She also gave him presents!

Hey there's that beautiful american boy! :0)
This one is for you pastor Mike, this was him after he grabbed and yanked the cats tail!Dog LOVER!
Well we wore this great lady out, and we went to see Ken Fritz. He was doing great, and people please pray that the rest of the process goes smoothly for them!
Well my son fell asleep for about 2 minutes on our way to the McDonald's here. We just got the picture.
Then off to home on the machinka's (busses).  I know you can't tell but he loves this!
Then we stopped by that shooting range.
Are you as scared as I am by this picture? :0) Ladies shoot here, it is amazing. They pick up the weapons and use them like they are best friends. 
Well we came home and listened to My Bridge Radio online, while we waited for Mama, and sisters on Skype. They called but he was sleeping!
Shhh... don't wake him!
Well have a great night everyone!
We miss you!


  1. Praise God you are both feeling better. I absolutly LOVE the first photo, he is so super cute! Pray for the next few days, your last few day will go quickly with good health. Thanks for sharing I hope you continue once you get home.

  2. Dear McDonald Family,
    Congratulations on your cute new son! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with all of us. Toby, my husband did the solo trip last year to bring our son home from Ethiopia. I admire all the moms and dads who go it alone on these journeys. We are a new family to RR. We are working on bringing Jenny home. I hope the rest of your trip goes quickly and that you both stay healthy.

  3. UGh, sorry about the stomach bug. Those are aweful. It sounds like once it cleared up, you two had a pretty nice day. I was just thinking about how much TJ is going to love his big sisters. Vise versa I'm sure. I'm so blessed by the life and love I see him gaining here. Give that boy a hug for me please.

  4. Continued prayers for you both. I am amazed daily at your experiences with TJ, you are inspiring! And that little man makes me want to squeeze him!
    I pray the rest of your time goes quickly(also healthy!) and you are back in the US welcoming that precious boy home with your family.

  5. We will definitely steer clear of the rice! Thanks for the tip!! If you can - read our blog - my husband has finally begun to post.