Monday, July 12, 2010

Today we are brought you by the number 4...

Hello again everyone!

One big prayer request is that I get the passport tomorrow, Tuesday, and I get the Visa done before Friday so we can be on a plane home on then.
We are only 4 days away from home, Lord willing.
TodayI was reading in Chronicles about how the Lord wiped away the Philistines because He went before David and his army. After the Lord did this, David declared just that! It was an encouragement to me, because lately I have been in more contact with the world, and have held back my zeal for the Lord, so as not to offend. The Spirit has been working on my heart ever since, and todays reading was the icing on the cake. No more "worrying" about offending the world, now I am going to start worrying about defending those people from hell with the Good News! Always speaking the Truth in Love.
Our God, and Savior Jesus Christ has brought me half way across the world to blow His people's socks off with the amazing power He has shown in giving us Toby Jr. NO WAY will I back down to tell of His goodness! Be praying for me and my son. May people see our good deeds and glorify our Father in Heaven!

Ok, if you have ever wonder what he looks like while sleeping in the middle of the night here you go:

 Today was a day where I mopped the floors here, cleaned all the dishes, and got the place half way ready for my new roommates, Ken and Dennis Fritz.
We had a good bath before they came. Do you like how I styled his hair today?I thought he looked cool!
This morning I tried making him oat, oat meal and he liked the first 2 bites then started spitting it out. I did not realize it had no flavor, so I grabbed my strawberry jelly and mixed it in. He still refused it. So we should not buy oatmeal for him. Then after I failed, we went to see Nadia. She made him so food of course and he ate it.
With a full belly and a new diaper it was time to head to the market and see what was happening there. He also just wanted to ride the bus! We ended up at Cafe Anepto where the good pizza is.

 Poor Ken has not eaten since yesterday. We got him a large "pepperoni" salami pizza. He did eat the whole thing without even sharing with this kitten:
(these are for you EmmaLee)
They literally crawl out of the woodwork here. Bob Barker would be having a canary (and then spay it of course!) :0)
Well we walked around town, and then we came back on the bus. Did I tell you he loves riding in automobiles? Then we got some wipes, milk, and yogurt. We walked home, and hung out with the Fritzes.
My son has finally stopped fighting the sleep calling him and is snoaring over here. What a good day, and we can't wait for tomorrow!
Have a great night everyone, and please pray for us!
Toby @ Toby Jr.


  1. What fun you have roommates now! I'm praying all goes well tomorrow for you and getting the passport.

  2. Oh Hon,
    Every picture I see of him makes me miss him more. I cannot wait until our family is complete again!! It is so hard to live with 1/2 of us here and 1/2 of us a world away. Only 4 more days...Lord willing:)
    Me xoxoxox

  3. TOBY!!! We are in Country! Sounds like I get the blessed oportunity to play with TJ tomorrow! Oh Yeah you will be there too! :) See you tomorrow!

  4. Hi Toby! Great photos as usual. Will the Fritz's be in Kyiv this week, too? I'd love to meet them as well. Please tell them "hello" from James and I. Can't wait to meet you and TJ!!!!