Saturday, July 10, 2010

6 days left

Good Evening Everyone,

Well today my son and I got up showered, and ventured off to the biggest bizarre here. I thought my wife and I walked through it before, but my goodness is it a lot bigger than we had seen. I did not even see it all today, but I was able to find a little present for my brother in law's wedding that we missed while here. I hope he will like it, because I have been searching for something unique for them while I have been here.
No pictures today everyone, I kind of had my hands full with a diaper bag, Misha-Toby and a stroller. I feel for all you single moms and dads out there! Now especially trying to take the public bus transportation with all that! Two Ukrainians were nice. Most of them are freaked out/prejudice about his down syndrome. It was really hard last night, we went to the chicken restaurant and the kind waitress was kind from a distance this time. Misha-Toby reached out to be held by her and she held her arms out straight and pushed him back to me. Same with the other waitress. Oh well, I am sure there will be plenty of real nice American ladies that can't wait to hold him! I got the same treatment through out the whole bizarre trip today. I was just really sad for these people. They have no idea what they are missing out on. He is a bundle of joy and laughter! He absolutely LOVES automobiles, especially riding in them. It was awesome to see, he actually fell asleep in my arms on the bus ride home. Only for a few minutes because when I went to get off, he awoke.
We made it home, and then Skyped Momma, and his big sisters. After that I went to the market to meet Nadia so I could buy some spaghetti, and have her show me what butter is, and good cheese. She is just great, she told me she has it all, and wants to make it! We followed her home then and of course she spoils my son with food. Imagine the biggest cereal bowl that you have in your kitchen she literally filled this thing to the brim with a rice and milk mixture for him. I tried only feeding him about 1/4 of it, but Nadia would not stop. What a great lady, she just loves my son! He did end up eating it all! Get ready Hon, he can eat more than me! (not that we will allow him too!) Then we came home after she stuffed me with spaghetti, sausage, salad, and bread. Then she was offering me more spaghetti! I was like NO WAY! I don't know what we are going to do once we leave Simferopole on Wednesday and stay in Kiev. My son is going to think I am starving him! Well tonight, Mini-me has fallen asleep right next to me so quickly! What a gift, thank you my Papa in heaven!
Well, I will hope to get some more pictures tomorrow. Until then please keep the rest of this trip and its details in your prayers, and thanks for commenting everyone!

Toby, and Toby Jr.


  1. That is so sad I really don't understand these people at all, that would have the best love that waitress had ever gotten. We are here in lugansk and I dread the treatment we will get when we have Duncan here, but who really cares they can just get over it! Good luck

  2. I'm sitting in the Chicago airport waiting... I think we will pass each other as you are coming into Kiev as we are leaving!! Bummed! Wanted to meet Mini-me!

  3. I'm one american woman who would love to hold that boy! :)

  4. Hi Toby!

    Thinking about you over there in Ukraine and wondering what you're up to :)
    I love reading about your adventures, you're really making the most out of your time there!

    Aren't the Fritz's great!! I love them too,hey... if you see them, ask them for me where my picture of Brady is ! :) They'll know what I mean, I've been HOUNDING them for a picture of a sweet little boy I want to bring home :)

    You'll be home soon :)


  5. I'm sorry to hear about the way TJ was treated today. As you said, they don't know what they are missing out on. Hope he is feeling better now. I'm sure his tummy needed to adjust to different food.

  6. Hi Toby and Misha-Toby :)
    Praying for you and your beautiful son every day; hope his tummy is feeling better! I am so sad to hear about how TJ was treated today; only 6 more days until he is surrounded by more people who love and adore him than his mind could ever imagine! Praise God for His saving grace towards TJ...and all of us! We are so blessed here in the US. Continue to pray for the people of the Ukraine that they might be changed by the love of God and through education by families like yours. Can't wait to meet him...give him a big hug from us okay??
    Love and prayers,
    Christie (and Jeff and the girls too ;) )