Friday, July 2, 2010

I only have 4 days left till he is all mine!

Good Evening Everyone,

Even if it is brief, if you read this blog please post a comment, and thank you to those consistent readers and commenters!

Today, was a good day, but I have to admit I woke up sad. I was so looking forward to talking on Skype with my family last night, and they never called. Oh well, life goes on.
I almost slept through the whole night last night, that felt good. Well, I woke up to Ground Hogs Day all over again. Or if you have ever seen National Lampoons European Vacation and The Griswolds are stuck going round and round in that rotary in London, and Clark says "Parlament, Big Ben", well that's what my days are like. I was totally reminded that though I still have almost 2 weeks left here, I only have to wait until Tuesday for me and my boy to be hanging at my crib full time! That was a very nice reminder. Also, I found out on that same day I will have High Speed Internet installed, yeah! Maybe then I could even include a short video on here! Please don't take my attitude as negative. I came here for one purpose that God be glorified in my life, and if this loneliness is part of that lesson then trust me I am being as upbeat as I can, but I simply being very frank with my comments. (That's who I am)
Well, Toby Jr, has been breaking out with these pimples on his cheeks. I think it may be from contact with me, but I am not sure. Any demerotologists reading this? Can you explain? Here is a couple pictures:
He is really started to try to conmmunicate the best he can what he wants. I hope he will be quick to learn English, I know he will be he is very quick to learn a lot. I have taught him a couple days ago, how when I touch his nose and go "beep, beep" he can touch my nose and I make a low pitch honk sound. It cracks him up! He has also learned the different beats of music. He know which ones we slow dance too, and which ones we get our groove on with! It is a sight to see. 
 Oh, I did buy some of that crazy glue type stuff and fixed my sandals. I also may have fixed the shower so that the hose does not crimp any more. Nothing like feeling your being pee'd on in the shower. :0)
I got a picture of that very sweet nurse I told you would miss her "friends". If anyone is looking for a real nanny/housekeeper in America let me know. She wants to come to America and do that. From what I have seen she would be great!
Boys and their toys, check this out he absolutely loves automobiles. The world stops every time he hears a vehicle driving.

I thought this picture was great, it has some much to say. From my perspective, I don't know how many times, I have prayed for an earthly father to do this with. To know I have a dad to depend on and just walk with me through life here, and to call my own. Don't get me wrong I was blessed to have some great suedo fathers in the faith and a fantastic father in law, but not I could call my own, or really have the full priveledges of a son. I have since, known our Father's love in this way, and I have to say I am a totally blessed son of his. Like I told my wife while she was here, "I know lots of people who have dads that buy them this or that, and take them places etc, but how cool is it that my DAD, gave me this miracle to be here and adopt our son." Thank you my Saviour!

Well, we tried Skyping my wife and kids again while at the orphanage. No answer. Bummer! I took him to eat his dinner with his buddy Zhenya.

I had time in God's Word at the park today and I sat next to this very kind old woman and I found out through my friend David (over the phone) that her name is Elaina. She was trying to tell me about her Bible, and took a hold of mine and smiled. It was awesome. Man o Man, I wish I spoke Russian. I know I would of been blessed to get to know her more!

Well for those who care this is what I had to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner today, along with that totally awesome chicken kabob!

Be praying for me and that I honor our God with my life here, and I guess in turn back there.

I heard last week I think, that Nina Villeau (sorry if I missed spelled your last name) lost her dad. Nina and Tim sorry for being late on this God just put you on my heart. I just want you to know my heart breaks with yours and I wish I could be their to weep with you and  hug ya! ( I know Tim, just a manly handshake for you. :0)  )

Answering the comments time:
Julia: Honestly, I don't know how old your son is, or if you can, but if he is that sensitive to motion sickness and heat you may want to think of leaving him home with family and friends. I know that would be tough, but to have a child be here and by the sounds of it, miserable, it could be a real rough trip for you all! Just my adivce, I would hate to torment my son like that! Even in taxi's your not guaranteed AC, and the taxi rides can be just like theme park rides.
Kelly Selkirk- thanks for your encouragement!
Monica Culver: When the Lord leads, nothing can stop it. Sounds like God is saying "not yet" possibly. I would encourage your husband to not fear anything but God! If he feels the tug on his heart and is afraid of how the kid might look or respond tell him to look with you at the pictures on the RR site. Then tell him, if he does not think the child will respond, tell him I have met over 15 kids with severe disabilities here and everyone responds to my touch with a silent (and sometimes not so silent) cry for more! I would be glad to encourage him via email if he/you would like.
Jill: really you probably should get in touch with Jolene Sloan. She is a missionary here with a heart for the orphans. I would say, if you bring anything you don't know where it may end up. Develop a relationship with a nurse or two and they will be glad to tell you what they could use specifically in that room. I know they have already had me going for things. Plus things are cheaper over here, and that way you don't have to travel with it. Do yourself a favor and learn Russian if you are coming to Simferopol. It is worth those $50 - $100 discs if they actually work to teach you a language quickly.

Ok everyone got to go, my wife and friend have actually skyped me, so I have to call them back!



  1. Oh, I read it everyday! I LOVE seeing the pictures and hearing about it, makes me feel like I'm back in Ukraine and I miss it SO much!!

    Your little guy is just the sweetest little thing! Pure adorable :)

    I love your blog :) :)

    adopted Hunter (artiom) in April, RR.

  2. I LOVE the picture of the nurse!

    My younger son is 12 and he WANTS TO COME! He would die to be left behind so he is just going to have to toughen up. It will be good for him.

    I too love the picture of you holding Toby's hand from above. We have learned/are learning through this adoption process that holding God's hand is the absolute only way to get through it all!! So can't wait to get over there!! Only eight more days for us! I enjoy your blogs because I know that in only a few short days we will be experiencing the sights and sounds of that beautiful country.

  3. Thanks for the Picture of Our Boy! We can't get there soon enough! We will have to stay in touch once we are all back in the states, so these small friends can see each other. I wish you could check on our other boy Alec, he is somewhere in that place! If you happen to see him give him a wink and tell him to hold on too! Mommy and Daddy are coming soon!

    Take care Toby, just another short 4 days and TJ is yours forever! No more going home without him, no more leaving him behind, you can walk together like that forever, his little hand in yours!



  4. Hang in there! I'm still praying for you from N.H. I found you through RR and read every day. I love that you have pics of Zhenya too, I prayed often for him to find a family (I read his future family's blog too). T.J. is so cute! I love the lick-kisses he gives you in the pictures. My son, Noah, with DS, is learning to pucker now but still gives the slobbery open-mouthed ones that melt my heart!

  5. I'm here! Spring him from his babyhome asap! can't wait for photos of THAT!

  6. I love reading the blog. I follow about 10 different ones very faithfully...your is my favorite!!! I love the pictures and the information about the country and of course, little TJ is the cutest thing in the world. Keep on blogging because my day would be ruined if I didn't get to read it.


  7. Does that boy of yours get cuter and cuter each day or what??? He just melts my heart. Sometimes the time in country feels so long, especially when you are missing the rest of your family, but once you get home you will miss it. I think about my time in Ukraine so much and really miss it a lot. I too wish I had been able to communicate with people more when I was there.

    Counting down the days with you until you spring T.J. from the baby house.


  8. Shouldn't the title be..."Only 4 more days until he is all OURS"?!? We miss you guys soooooo much. I cannot wait until our family is complete!!

  9. Your family is so blessed to be getting such a gorgeous boy! He is just precious.

    I wanted to clarify my original comments and say I didn't mean that my husband is scared about what a child would physically look like. I meant how our life would look with 1 (or 2 or 3 :) more children. We have 6 living children (12,11,8,5,4 & 18 mos) and a daughter who died of a fatal chromosome disorder at 4 days old in 2003. I think he may be a bit scared to get out of the boat and walk on the water with God. (I admit it scares me a bit too, but I am ready to cannonball out of the boat!) He is heartbroken by the pictures and knows that something has to be done to rescue these precious souls. He just seems unsure whether the Lord is wanting him to be the one to do something. I am just trying to be patient and let the Lord lead. If it is His will then it will happen. My children would go tomorrow if we could. They had a lemonade stand at our garage sale and donated all the money ($153 to RR!)

    May the days go quickly until you are reunited with your family!


  10. im here! love the pictures. he is beautiful!

  11. Glad that things are going well and you only have 4 days until he is yours!

  12. Hi! Every day when I read your blog posts you ask people to leave a comment so I decided I finally would today. :-) I don't know you in 'real' life but I found your blog on the RR website and have been following along since then. I loved the picture of the little guy from above. To be honest I could not figure out what the picture was of until I read the caption under it. lol I hope the next four days go quickly for you and that TJ adjusts well to being out of the orphanage.

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  14. Toby, I'm not a dermatologist, just a nurse, but the break out could be from a fabric treatment on your shirts. Is he snuggling up to your chest? Just a thought. I'm guessing they don't use too much fabric softener or nice detergent on his clothes there.
    Love love love the picture of him walking holding your hand. Great perspective.

  15. Loving these photo’s the 3rd one says it all, he’s full up on your love.
    Not sure about the rash, my Aden gets someone like that on his face when Daddy rubs his whiskers on him. Then there is eczema…
    Not long now.

  16. Just a thought but my own little guy is sensitive to detergents and aftershave. I realize the orphanage probably doesn't use anything special but maybe you could could try a different detergent or ask what the orphanage uses.... BTW the pictures and the little boy are priceless :)