Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independance day... or so I thought!

Ok, yes I know Independence is on the 4th of July and a movie with Will Smith, but today was Toby Lee McDonald (Jr) independence day! That is what I thought when I woke up, got his clothes, bottles, and our bag cooler with juice and spring water ready! I had arranged for my friend Aleem to be our driver today to Kerg and the courthouse first thing this morning. I went into court and got the paperwork rolling myself since I was there at 8:50 am and no one else was. I had it all handle then a translator showed up about 9:20 with no phone call about being late for our 9 am meeting at the courthouse. I actually did not need any assistance as the kind ladies there helped me out. I waited for the documents that show I am officially his guardian, and they handed them to me (since my translator was no where to be found.), and I walked out the door ready to go get my son. As I am telling my friend/driver Aleem let's go get him for the ride to Kerg, Nicholai says we shouldn't. I told him that was too bad, I am getting him. Then he called the translator and she told me that the paperwork would take about 2 hours to do, and we need to get to Kerg to get his birth certificate changed so we can get his passport done. Well, you can imagine my shock at this, as I had not been told about this "hiccup" until now. I very reluctantly agreed to get on the road since Kerg is over 200km away. We finally got there, and my goodness this city is clean!
 Actually according to Aleem, this is the cleanest, nicest city in the Crimean country. It is right on the Black Sea. It was beautiful. The trip there took about 3 + hours and it was hot with no a/c. In retrospect, I think it was wise not to have taken my son on his first day of freedom onto such a long ride! Come to find out, after we traveled sooo far, today was not the day they process changes on birth certificates, but Nicholai asked her nicely and she did it! Thank you Lord! She also said we would have to wait till 5 to get them, but I said "aww man". I think she understood the tone of my voice because right after that she said it would only be about an hour or so! Yippee!
During that time I found some real cheap fireworks! Praise God, I can have a late 4th celebration! I spent 12 dollars and got a whole bunch! (I was able to have my 4th celebration with the Fritzes later!) Though I was presented with his new birth certificate &  he is actually a free man today.

We got back too late to get him out of the orphanage!BUMMER!!! I did not even get to see him today! Tomorrow will be the day, unless the Lord comes first!

Sorry to disappoint you all!



  1. Oh Toby - I'm sure you are much more disappointed than all of us! Tomorrow will come soon enough (okay, probably not soon enough for you).

    Praying things go better tomorrow.


  2. That's okay.... glad that part of your paperwork is over and that the little guy didn't have to ride in an un-airconditioned car all day!! Silver linings...Tomorrow he will be a free man and you will be one happy Papa!

  3. Aw man :) I have been checking your blog off and on all day to see your "Gotcha Day" pics! I pray the time until tomorrow goes quickly and then he will belong to your family forever. I have goosebumps just thinking about the new life TJ will have beginning tomorrow, so I can't imagine what it feels like to be your family.

    May God continue to direct your path!


  4. I don't know how I would have handled that! How disappointing to be so close. Tomorrow! Yay for tomorrow!

    So could you see Russia from Kerch?

  5. hang in there... you are soooo close!

  6. Ah...yes. The paperwork holdups. ugh! So glad you didn't hit any other roadblocks (legally) so that tomorrow will truly be TJ's independence day! Can't wait to see the photos of that BIG moment!

  7. So sorry Toby. I'm sure that the warm ride might have been very hard for TJ. Tomorrow will be a great day for you all. Congratulations!

  8. Will continue to pray for "Gotcha Day". Can't wait to see photos of that beautiful boy.