Thursday, July 1, 2010

Take me to your Leader!

Today, I got up right when my alarm went off and was out the door in a good time and I got on bus 17, another name for it could be "the sweat locker". Ok, it is smaller than a mini bus and shorter as well. I could not stand up in it. I originally had a seat next to the window I opened, but ladies and children kept coming on so I always give up my seat for them like I was taught! With little room for me, I had to head to the back of the bus. Boy, if you get anxious from being in small places then I suggest never get on these smaller busses. With the bus jam packed they closed the only window! AHHHHHHHHH! As the temperature started rising rapidly and no one blinking an eye, I used all my hands and English to say "open that window!" Oh my goodness, I could not believe how these people love the stagnant heat air! Then I realized I was too tall to see out the bus windows to tell where I was going (because I had never taken this bus before). Then with my hands and best Russian I could (while squatting to see out the windows) I was trying to ask 3 different nice ladies if this bus would take me to the orphanage. After my game of charades, they figured out what I was talking about! YEAH! (for future parents our orphanage name phonetically is: your lah chka) I have been saying Ulatchka and people look at me with the deer in the headlights stare! Once I got my destination down, a lady told me she would show me. Very nice. Then after I got a seat when the bus cleared out, I got to see the rest of Simferopol on this bus! Oh man, I was on that bus for close to an hour! There goes my good job getting up and going, just flush that down the toilet! Earlier in the  morning I was able to load the Newsboys "Take me to your Leader" album on my phone. So on my 1/2 mile walk that song started to play and it just made me start to smile. Because the chorus goes " they don't know why we care, they don't what's out there, they don't how it's done, let's take them to our Leader son..." I thought how appropriate as I am walking towards this place that those words would come up. That's exactly their attitude, and that is exactly God's call on my life walking into that place. Isn't Jesus Christ, our God awesome?

I may be biased but isn't this guy just really cute?

Whoa, I just looked around here at this place I am writing this blog and I swear Mr. Brady from the Brady Bunch is sitting a couple tables over from me!

We had a great visit this morning, and this afternoon's visit was good too. Unfortunately, I walked into the orphanage and he was crying his eyes out, I asked "Why cry" (because they understand that) and (close your eyes Zhenya's parents), but she showed me that Zhenya was hitting him! I am sure it was not intential, so no worries! What was cool is I got to walk into the scene and save the day for him! That was special. We went outside and I had him going down the slide today. He likes that, once the sweat from his rear gives him lube to actually slide!

 I found out today that I might NOT be getting high speed internet here before I leave! It will still be installed though, no fear future parents.
 Today I went with Dave and Davey to their summer "camp" grounds for the camp they put on for the deaf and hearing. Looks like a nice place. It was so nice to just be with brothers and the fact they speak English is really great too! 
Well it is about 8:20 pm here and I am going to go. 
I hope you guys saw my wife's post on here (Just scroll down). It is called "from the Other Side" I think. I know one lady saw it.
Please, Please leave comments! I truly look forward to them, and I know Suzanne would like it too!

Ok answer time to all your comments: Thank you very much for doing so!
Hellooooo my wonderful Bickmore family! I am so glad Amy passed it along, I hope Mr. B and you will read all the posts together and then comment. I know it may be a bit of reading, but he did always encourage me to write a book! :0)
See what our God can do, Mrs. B? Just tell that mountain move and it will be gone! Those seeds you guys planted are hopefully making you guys proud!
Gaining Grace: See my last comment above.
Julie: Unfortunately I have not seen her, I am very sorry!
Julia: I will be in Kiev on the 14th and quite possibly the 15 or 16th. I would be glad to meet up with you guys!
Have a great day everyone!
Paka, Paka!


  1. Your pictures of your little guy are just so precious! Of course you know that his pictures are the reason why we tune in to your blog!! Okay - we enjoy your stories too. My youngest is going to go nuts in hot cars and buses! Oh my! I bought him one of those anti-nausea wrist bands in hopes that it will help his poor stomach. He doesn't handle being hot and being crowded. God only gives us what we can handle though so he will survive! We may be leaving Kiev on the 14th... hoping to see Aaron on the 15th... We may pass each other on the train! Oh well...

  2. Toby thanks for sharing another day of your adventures. Your boy can sure make a heart melt. He is absolutly beautiful!

  3. Hey Hon,
    I am sorry we didn't get to talk to much today. Thanks for all the pictures of our little man that you post. I miss you both sooooo much, my heart hurts! I can't wait until our GRAND reunion!!
    Give our boy kisses and hugs and tell him that his mama loves him more than he can imagine!!

  4. Awesome pictures today. Sorry about the bus thing. I would be melting I'm sure. :)

  5. Congratulations! Your little boy is adorable and you both look like you are having a wonderful time together! I see you are in Simferopol, I assume you are at Yolichka? If so, my son was adopted from the same orphanage 10yrs ago! :) Nathan Vitali, he is 11yrs old now. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip, and have a smooth trip home.
    Congrats again to your family!
    Kelly Selkirk-Ohio

  6. Congratulations on that adorable little boy! Through a friend, we heard about the RR site in May and are praying about how God could use us. I have always felt a desire to adopt. My husband knows in his heart as Believers we should, but is scared to death about what that might look like! I have been following your story since you left and I have to tell you that I LOL at most of your posts. God has blessed you with a gift for storytelling! I am encouraged to read how you are living Christ out loud to these people and I am sure you are blessing them with your attitude. May God bless the remainder of your trip and continued prayers for a smooth transition home.

    Monica Culver

  7. Hi Toby,
    Great post as always. I swear TJ gets cuter every single day! I do have another question for you and this is not something you necessarily have to answer in a post, but could email me later. I was wondering what kind of things the orphanage needs for donations. I'm guessing $ would be one of course, as we both know how this orphanage is described on RR. But sometimes people would rather give "stuff" than $, especially kids as it gives them a way to help out. Any other thoughts? Sleepers, teaspoons :-), clothes, etc? If/when we get there, I would love to bring some donations.