Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank you Jesus!

Hello everyone,

I am a day behind on the blog. Please forgive me as being a single father here is quite unusual.
Well, last time we spoke Misha-Toby as I am calling him now was fast asleep as a free boy. What an interesting night of sleep that was for me. Remember the bed is about 2 ft short for me? Well now with my son rolling like a rolling pin all night it has now shrunk by two feet the other direction. Then on top of me being nervous about him rolling off, waking up and not knowing where he is, suffocation, anything and I would say I slept about 2 hours total! What can I say? I felt like I was sleeping with one of my babie girls when they were infants. I was always so scared I would roll on top of them or something while I was sleeping. Thank the Lord for cribs, pack n plays etc! I probably would not of survived without them. But here, when he woke up and just started playing by himself, and then looking at me with his great BIG smile, I woke up easily! That's why I titled this Thank you Jesus, because by His grace we have laid down our lives to save Mini-me's and I cannot tell you what it is like to see him smile at you! You will have to experience it first hand! You just wanna squeeze him!
Well the first day of freedom brought many things, like a shower with Johnson's baby soap! Boy did he smell good! We also were treated to  home cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner by our land lady and son. They are Nadia, and Vitalic
Nadia is such a tremendous help!
Then we went to the ZOO with David, Davey, Nate, Breanna, and Timothy!
This Zoo is approximately the size of one our normal size public baseball/softball fields. It has lions, tigers, and bears oh my! It also has about 30 other animals in it. Just imagine how small this is for all these animals. These pictures you see of me are not shot while zooiming at all! Yes, I am that close. Scary, but cool at the same time!Then we went home. We were done with the Zoo in about a half hour. Mini-Me got to hang out with the kids. He loved it!
We went back for a lunch and an afternoon nap! Nadia watched him for me while I got to go the Metro with Ken Fritz. First, I had to help their oldest daughter Rox, get a translator to get her hair cut!This girl is so great she is keeping her hair to donate it back in America! I am very proud to know you ROXANNE! :0)I left before the hair do was done. Her parents say she loves it though. Guess what ladies, this cost 40 grievna to have her hair professionally cut and styled. That is $5 (US)
That is one thing I will miss about this place, what an awesome barber I have!
The day ended by lighting off some fireworks to celebrate the 4th late, and the adoption. Also, just to blow something up! YEE HAW! On the way back in from doing so this lady was running down the stairs franticly and she started rambling in Russian, I looked at her like "yo no comprendo". She started talking with Nadia and Vitalic, then she spoke perfect English. She was so frantic about the fireworks(which is totally legal and free to blow off at anytime here) She just moved here from Kiev with her husband and baby. I guess we were lighting them close to her sleeping babies window. I quickly apologized and next thing I know, I am invited to their home for a couple hours. Finally at 1:30 a.m. little Toby was falling asleep. I left and we went to bed. Today, was kind of a boring day, we just hung out all day. Then at dinner time we went to see the Fritzes at the good chicken restaurant. Ken and I went to the BB shooting range here. It is cool. I think I should make one of these for Kearney! I think it would be a big hit!
Ok, well I caught you up. One last thing, please be praying for my sons sleep and health. He threw up/spit up a lot today, and I am concerned. Only one week left till we are home! Can't wait! We will be in Kiev on the 14th, and leave of Friday for the USA. Please pray for this as well. My son would type but he is busy: What a great miracle! Everyone thank our Father in heaven!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus!



  1. Praise God! We will keep you in our prayers for a safe week and safe travel home. God Bless, thanks for sharing all the photos. Toby is such a little guy.

  2. So, happy for you all. The zoo trip looked VERY scary!!! I think I will definitely skip that when I get there. I am glad that TJ is adjusting so well. You may have to nap in the afternoon with him just to keep up. You are doing such a good job with him and I am proud of you for being such a good man and father and staying there to get your boy. You all really are a beautiful family and I can't wait until your entire family is together.

  3. I don't envy your sleeping situation. Too bad there is not a rent-a-center with cribs and cots to rent, eh?

    I hope your little guy starts feeling better. My advice - avoid dehydration at all costs. Probably easier said than done, but I've seen some scary stuff. Praying for safety and health for the both of you!!

  4. He's so cute and now I see he sucks his thumb too. That makes my heart smile. So sweet, I'm glad things are going well and I will pray for his tummy and sleep.

  5. Sooo happy for you and your little man!!! He is such a doll... I look forward to the photos. :)

    Am praying for his comfort, security, and health through this transition. The spitting/throwing up could just be nerves/emotions; so much change and activity in such a short time. Or maybe just a lttle something different in his diet. Nevertheless, will be saying a prayer for him, of course. God bless him and God bless you on your next leg of this journey. LOVE following your blog! Thx for sharing.

  6. LOVE your blog! Ok - is that an opening there next to the lion??? It looks like you can just reach in (or he can come right on out) and give him a pet!! LOL! So glad Misha has such a great home! Can't wait one day to be on the other side of the blog writing our own story.