Saturday, July 3, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Good Evening Everyone,

Well I almost did not post for today, but I am soooo bored I need to do something! That's why your comments are sooo important. I feel like I am on the moon here with little contact with Earth!

The Good: I got up and got to the orphanage earlier than I have all week, and I had a good visit with Toby Jr. I think he was not feeling good because he kept burping, spit up some, and was just cranky! They actually dressed him in boys clothes that match! I was shocked! I met this young man named Ameel that works at the orphanage, and he has a car. Future parents coming to Ulatchka, you should contact him when you are here and see if he can be a "driver" for you. He is not out to get rich, and he is a very good kid so far that does speak half way decent English. He charges me 2 grievna for every kilometer! That is way cheaper than our orignal driver, and he speaks English! I actually had him pick me up for supper tonight and he showed me around a little. It was good, and I am planning on next Sat to go with him and his girlfriend to the Sea with Toby Jr.
The Bad: I came home from my morning visit and did a couple things and layed down for a nap. This nap was 4 hours long and I missed my second visit! Ohhh man! I am very frustrated with myself. I think I really needed the sleep though. Now I am up and I should be going to bed, but cannot! ARGH! I am so bored, my internet connection is to slow to watch anything online, the movies I have are not appealing, and no one here is up so that I can even try to talk with them. Also, everyone at home I am sure is getting ready for the 4th and I probably won't get many comments because of it. Fireworks here are few and far between, and so far I have only seen the more expensive fountains, nothing small and fun to mess around with! I miss this time with you all!
The Ugly: Just my heart attitude right now. I feel just very sad and lonely right now. I will get over it, but I think missing my visit today compounded things. I hate messing up and it eats at me!

Here is what I had to eat for lunch today:
Just kidding there is no Chinese food here! :0)
I actually took this picture for my EmmaLee to see! I got to meet these guys on the way to the orphanage today.
Here is Toby Jr's, and Zhenya's lunch though:
Whomever Zhenyas parents are, I want you to know I do run my fingers through his hair and tell him mommy and daddy are on the way!
Ok, well I am going to watch some movie and hopefully fall asleep now! Only 3 days left till he is ours! Then hopefully a little more than week from there and I will be home with you guys!

Answers to comments:
Jodi, cool to hear thanks for the comment
Julia, Yeah 12 is definately old enough to endure this trip. He may have discomfort, but it will help him become a man!
James, that would be awesome, we are just up in Nebraska! I hope to run into Alec, but I have not so far. I hope I do get to meet you guys in person! I am fixing the shower tomorrow so it should be good for you if you decide to stay here. There are two other couches to sleep on.
Debby: What is so cool is we are from NH originally as well. We used to live in Nashua till we moved to Nebraska 6 years ago. I grew up in Massachusetts! We are New England natives!
Stephanie: This blog was for you, I really did not want to today, but I did not want to disappoint you and others that do read this. Thanks for your comment!
Monica: Thanks for clarifying. It may not be the season for you guys yet. God will have you both ready when it is.
The Ripps: Great to see someone else I know personally following along! Tell Chad I said Hi!
Thanks Cristina, Ukraine, Gaining, and all the others that commented. I thank you for your wisdom on his skin too! I think you maybe right. I had my laundry washed with Russina detergent once, and now I bought Tide. So we will see!

Have a good night everyone and I look forward to your comments!



  1. It is so cool to see a Daddy's perspective on the adoption process...since most that I have read are written by Mommies. I'm sorry you are lonely and sad. I've never been that far away from my family so I have no advice, but I will pray that God will comfort you and make the time until you have your son full time go quickly! BTW, I LOVE your little man's hat! So much cuter than the ones that I've seen on other blogs. :)

  2. Hi Toby!
    Thanks for posting today. I look forward to seeing your posts every day. Hope TJ is feeling better tomorrow. Hey, if you are bored, you can check out my daughter's blog. She and my husband are just a few hours north of you right now in Krivoy Rog on a mission trip! :-) They left on the 1st and the last time I heard from them was from the train station in Kiev. Internet in KR is not very reliable I guess, so no in-country posts yet. They are doing camps for disabled adults - who live in homes 2 hrs outside the city - and will spend some time ministering in orphanages/teen dorms, etc. Just sharing Christ's love with them. She crocheted and sewed a lot of things to send over ahead of time for the orphanages. That's why I was asking before. Just a thought.

    Thinking of you and praying for you!

  3. Just so you know, hon, we miss you terribly here at home. It is NOT the same without your joy and excitement in the home. In fact, the girls would probably say it is B-O-R-I-N-G!!
    We love you soooo much and are so glad that you are willing to sacrifice so much for us to bring our son home!!!! We can't wait until the day when you guys come walking up the airport hallway. We will be running towards you so fast, with our arms open wide!!! Stay strong!

  4. Toby,

    I have been waiting on your post today! Once again thanks for the pics of our boy! It won't be too much longer and your evenings by yourself will be over. Only 3 more days! No more having to get up and run to the orphanage, just roll over and see that smiling face right there with you! Then comes the homecoming, to reunite with the rest of the family. It will be here before you know it.

    A little ketchup and that darker one probably wouldn't have been too bad tasting! :)

    Be safe and thanks for Telling Zen that his Mom and Dad are on there way in a little over a week now. Oh yeah thanks for doing the maintenance on the apartment, that will be our home for a month.

    In His Name,


  5. whaassup? Missing you a ton bud! so excited for you and cannot wait to meet Toby Jr. Looks like you are so happy! How is it there?

  6. Hi Toby, I just checked out your blog for the first's all so interesting to read! Thanks for pouring out your heart and bringing the whole experience alive for those of us back here. I'll share your blog with John and we'll be praying for you during your final days there...for strength and endurance, and for a safe journey as you and TJ head home to your family.

    Be encouraged, even as you encourage those around you!

  7. Toby, like all the others, I am looking forward to your daily posts. TJ is amazing and what a blessing to have such a unique bonding time between you two. Sorry you are so lonely there. It's so hard to be among many people and be so alone. Thankful you only have a few days left until TJ can be with you more.

  8. Hang in there!! I am sorry you are lonely... I am going to suffer from the same problem in only a few short weeks once my husband leaves. My older son is supposed to fly out to me so that should help.... I have a houseful of people (sorry about that) so I can't type much but I do want you to know that I am continuing to pray for you. Your little guy is in for a big surprise when he starts to eat REAL food!!

  9. Hey Toby!!! You are being lifted up in prayer RIGHT NOW!! We love you and look forward to your posts each night! We will light off extra fireworks for you tomorrow night! We'll even save a box of "poppers" for you & Mini Me!! Hang in there, man! The end is near!!!
    Dave, Trish & girls

  10. Hey Toby! Cant wait to get back there!!! Ken had to go back to London for work. He gets back today. Our 10 day waiting period was up on last Monday but they told us we cant get the kids till tomorrow!!!! Talk about sad and frustrated! Please tell me you know we get to pick up the kids on Tuesday, thats when we get back there! That will be the first thing I WANT to do, go get our boy!! Hope the last week we can all keep busy so that the time just "flys" by!!!! See you soon!
    Nance and Roc

  11. hi toby! hang in there! you are getting so close!! the love for your little guy is so apparent. you are doing great. one day at a time and before you know it...WALLA! you will be done!

  12. You guys lived in N.H.??!!! Cool! We live near Manchester now and both my husband and I lived in MA for undergrad and grad school...Worcester, Everett, Needham, Westboro, Marlboro. Depending on what churches you guys attended, I bet we know some of the same people!! We know a bunch of people in Nashua. Anyway, still praying for you, your wife, girls and T.J. Hang in there!

  13. Stay strong!!! Happy 4th of July!!!!

  14. Hi Toby!

    Didn you say you're from Nebraska? And you're bored in UKRAINE????

    Hmmm. I would think you would be USED to it!

    Ha haha....

    I went through Nebraska once.....seemed like the longest week of my life!

    ok, ok. No more Nebraska jokes. I'm sure it a lovely place to live ;)

    And we're in MN, so who am I kidding....not all that different :)

    Thinking of you and your little'll be home before you know it!