Monday, July 5, 2010

The Final Visit!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a great day celebrating our independence! It really is awesome to be so free like we are. Also, believe it or not, I am so thankful for the governement we have that our forefathers established. The stories I hear from different people I meet on the street here make me so appreciative of our Big Brother! It is 10x better than the BB they have here (at least from what I am told). Anyways, just thought I would share my reflection on our freedom!
What a day today was. I had a good visit in the morning with my boy, and so we only had this last afternoon visit, then tomorrow he is mine!
Fun with pictures! Just think future dads this could be you with your child! He is really starting to get the hang of this walking thing.
We did have to have some nose to nose conversations like my friends Cray and Brayden do, but they don't last long and he is back to being a hiroshy malcheek(my best phonetic interpretation).  The visit always ends when he is eating, he is happiest then! So I went to the market and found this food for my lunch today! It's a yummy chicken pineapple kabob, and chicken plov. This whole meal cost me less than 3 U.S dollars cooked already! Can you say "Value Meal"?

My land lady, gave me this jar of mystery food, and had me try some right in front of her! Thank you Lord, it tasted ok! Did you ever get offered something to eat, and you were so scared to eat it because it looked so different? Well, that was exactly the case for me. It was sweet tasting and come to find out later that they are jellied figs! I had never eaten a fig before!
 I installed the shower!
 I went to the market and bought the hose and the new holder! It was so easy to fix and looks great! Now I can take an actually shower I cannot wait!
Time flew so fast it was time to head back to the orphanage! It was so cool that kid Aleem I was talking about happened to be driving in my neighborhood with his mom, aunt, and cousin. He gave me a ride to the orphanage for free. I found out his religion is Muslim, and he does not follow it. I then gave him the gospel message. He seemed to be very receptive. Pray for his salvation!
Now comes the final visit.
 We just had a blast today inside rolling around on the floor and chasing after each other on the carpet. He kept trying to get real close to the camera. I was trying to get his smiling face.Got it!
We went on the final walk around the play ground, oh I cannot believe it. I feel so excited for tomorrow.
Then it was time to say my last goodbye! I always try to leave when he is eating! He handles it much better that way!
Man, this is weird. I have some picture of Zhenya on my phone again!
How does that happen?The sad part is this may be the last time this could happen on my camera!

Answering the comments!
Well I see two of my 3 best friends in the world finally decided to start reading my blog over the past two days! Did I mention they are my best friends? Nothing like their support! NOT! Seriously though thanks guys for finally tuning in and leaving comments!
Jodi, your hilarious! Not! :0)
Jill, very awesome family you have to do that! God will bless you!
Mom, I cannot believe you read it. I hope you like it. Have you read all of them? Check them out, and have Jared do the same. I love you Mom!
Thanks all the rest of you for the support you give through prayers and comments. It really does make a difference for me!
Pray for my trip to Kierg tomorrow and that the paperwork goes smoothly!

Got to go to bed!



  1. Oh Hon,
    You don't know how difficult it is for me not to be able to be there on our son's "Gotcha Day"! It is seriously KILLING me!! Technically, right now, it is July 6th there and I can't stop thinking about how exciting it will be for you two. Please...HURRY HOME!!!!

  2. HURRAH!! YOU ARE SO CLOSE... When I do my usual 2:00 am - can't sleep - wake up in the middle of the night time to pray for everything... It will be around the time that you are springing that precious angel! Praising the Lord.... When do you head for Kiev?? We are coming in on Sunday.. Maybe just maybe we can meet up....

  3. Hey Toby!

    You're almost to the finish line!!!

    The most exciting part is just around the corner, when you walk out of there with your son FOREVER!

    In a huge way, his life will just begin.

    Thinking of you and that little sweetheart!

    (oh, and I thought my Nebraska jokes were 'kinda a little bit....sorta'....HA! who are we kidding----- I was spot on!
    Hee hee hee, whoo whoo who. )

  4. Oh, I can not wait for tomorrow's post! I have loved all of them so far, but the "gotcha" post is the one I have been looking forward to the most. I can't wait to see T.J. finally have his freedom.

    Praying all goes smooth with the paperwork.


  5. Hey Brother,
    Finally saw some of your blog the other day. I even tried to post my first comment on a blog, in response to your "I'm bored" day...but it never posted. Today I have Sandy here to make sure it gets done right.

    This has been an awesome life-lesson...the pains you've gone through, to get T.J., v.s. the pains our Father went through to adopt us.
    Thanks, Man!

  6. Man o Man. been gone for five days, but fun catching up on your days. We pray for TJ's Gotcha Day! Many Many Blessings for you and your family.

  7. Toby, We're thinking about you and rejoicing with you today!! We can't wait to squeeze you & TJ when you return! It was awesome hearing your voice yesterday!! Too bad we couldn't figure out how to turn the camera on! We love you and are thinking of you/praying throughout our day!! Dave, Trish & girls

  8. LOVE the shadow pictures! Very cool.

    Just curious, your trip to Kierg - is that b/c that is where was born?

    Can't wait to see Gotcha day photos!

  9. love the shadow pics. I can't wait to hear how gotcha day went. Good luck with your travels and give TJ a big hug for all of us back home watching his new life begin.

  10. Hi Toby! Your wife mentioned on FB that 7/6 is a special day for a couple of reasons. So excited for you all on this official gotcha day! Praying,