Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Argh, even my son struggles with sin!

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am writing at 6:31 am CST which is 2:31pm here. Ok to answer some of the comments.
Julia: very close on the price, the gotcha day is July 6th, and I am going to Kiev hopefully on July 14th. I have made some of the blankets cushions in spots where the wood from the bed stick out so I am managing! It is funny because when I was homeless in my car, and when the church allowed me to stay there, I slept on the floor on a thin pad about 2 inches thick. So for me it is not a big deal!
Fritzes: Can't wait for you to be back and I will definately show you around! Just call me!
Aimee: Nothing to worry about, but I will email you
Yo, Huggy Bear( Dave, do you like the name? Just thought of it!) and family: It will be great to see everyone again. Huggy: Keep the prayers coming bro, yes it can be quite lonely....
Thanks to everyone else that commented! I am blown away by your support.

Oh yes the answer was 15 grn, see if you can figure out how much that is.... It is like $1.85. That is unbelievable for the way these flowers were all decked out! In the US, I probably would of to pay $50 or more!

This may be a two for 1 day on the blogging since I have not had my second visit. I may just wait and edit this one later. You'll know

So I was able to get up a little earlier today, and I may have actually figured out a way to have a pretty good shower. The faucet for the tub has one of those hoses with a shower attachment at the end(it does not have anything to hang from), each time I try using it higher than the tub the hose crimps and I lose a ton of pressure! I think I found the way around that today though! Yeah, it was almost a normal shower. Then off I went to the buses! The good thing about all this walking is, I think I am actually losing weight!
(Oh before I forget, all parents coming to Simferopole with a laptop, you really should invest in a very nice and comfortable laptop back pack that is the normal old school back pack size to carry drinks and other items! I cannot tell you how invaluable it has been. The one I have has wheels and an extendable handle for the airports! The brand I have is Targus )
Ok so the reason for my tangent is I carry the back pack with me and it is probably about 20 + lbs with everything in it,  hopefully I am building muscle as well!

Well the reason for todays title was that I experienced a full blown tantrum from my son today, and it made me sad to have to "understandingly" tell him no in an aggressive way. He actually started to cry. I could not believe it. He came to hug me though right away and I did the best I could I to love him through it. What happened was I had him on my lap and was just making his bottle and he tried to rip the bottle and the juice box out of my hand and  was screaming at the same time! I was shocked.(yes this was different from his others) I think, he does not like straws at all, and he was mad I was putting one in his bottle to transfer the juice from the juice box. He came to me looking for comfort though, so it was cool afterwards.

 He also drank that bottle like there was no tomorrow! Then we got out a balloon and played with the "normal" kids for a while. One of them was so physcially aggressive I had to tell him no a bunch. That was scary to see the aggression in this 3-5 year old. His parents are going to have their hands full!

Boy does he and the other kids love these balloons. It's really no surprise since balloons are AWESOME!
Quite a different outfit today.

One of the nurses has written me a note for the pharmacy here to get what looks like 4 different things because they think the pimples on his cheek and his snotty nose is a problem I guess this medicine can fix. So I need to go soon to get that before my next visit.

They allowed me to stay for his lunch again. I actually was the one watching and feeding him. It was good to be able to do that! (Oh yeah other future parents bring regular teaspoons with ya, and see if they will allow you to switch. They give them full size tablespoons to eat with, and they are waaay to big)
So  I left and headed into town, on the 99 bus, but before that I stopped by and got a picture of those bakery ladies!Mmmmm all those pastries made daily if not hourly!
Then I went to that place I got the "stinky feet" spaghetti and walked in and my American friends were in there with their VBS group eating! How cool was that! That's where I got this pizza. Sorry I ate a slice before remembering the photo!
Ok really got to go now. I will finish this day later!

Ok it is later now, and my second visit was awesome! We had such a great time together again!
I had to go on the "Great medicine journey" that I have heard all the parents go on. He is supposedly sick and needed 4 medicines. I originally thought, this is just a con, but then I thought whoopdie doo if it was. If they are in need of some medicine for other children, then what am I gonna do wait for their parents to buy it? NOT! (remember their orphans, that was the joke!) So I saw her actually spray some medicine in my sons mouth and he did alright taking it! Then we went outside to dance, laugh, and try to call Mama(no answer)! Today I showed him her picture on my phone, and he thought she was on Skype and was trying to touch her. It was neat to see! I was able to feed him, and bring him to the back room to was his face. They just take running water and splash them with it! He did great! Then I wiped him dry, and they changed him and I got to put him in his crib for the night! YAHOO! I tell you what some of these nurses are great!

 Oh wait how did this picture of Zhenya get on my camera? ;0)

Then I started my trek to the bus!  I tried to make it to church that was in English tonight and I failed! BUMMER! I did get to meet Rollin who is their Youth Pastor from America! He seems cool! Then pastor Bob and I go to joke a little and I left for the busses again! I ate that awesome chicken kabob again tonight,  and at the restaurant there seemed to be this celebration with a large group that started dancing, it was touching to see them dance in their native dance! I tried ordering again with no interpreter, and I felt like Chris Farley when he was on that Japanse Game Show skit with Mike Meyers! I almost started laughing out loud when I thought about it! Anyways they brought me this bottle that had the most zesty, flavorful, clear sauce I have ever tasted. It was kind of like Italian dressing on steroids! Oh, it was so good with that nice fresh Syrian bread! MMMMMM.

Great News Everyone, I am going to get HIGH SPEED INTERNET installed here in my apartment, with Russian cable TV! Thank you LORD!!!!
Right now my internet is slower than dial up! So to all those parents coming after me, this apartment is the one to get!
Well I am done for the day, I hopefully will get to talk to my beautiful bride and then go to sleep. Funny my girls don't seem to miss me now that Mom is home! Don't worry, I knew that would be the case. They are all mama's girls!
Here are some more pics!
Don't forget to check out Suzanne's blog! She is contributing her own on this site! What a woman!



  1. Toby,

    That is too bad that the picture of Zen ended up on your camera! :) I can't wait to hold him! Thanks for the updates! We should be there in Keiv on the 12th and at our appointment on the 14th. I hope we can cross paths on the way coming or going. I want to meet TJ! What an awesome little man! Take care talk to you soon!


  2. Toby and excited for the pictures of your new little one.

  3. Sounds like an awesome day was had by all. What is Suzanne's blog address? TJ gets cuter every day. Love the hat!

  4. I have been really enjoying following along on your journey! Thanks for all the informative entertainment. I've been trying to resist, but we are adopting a little girl from there. On RR, she is called Dasha. If you happen to see her, can you tell her we are coming? And let me know you saw her? I know you're busy enjoying time with your adorable little guy, just had to ask.

  5. I can't imagine that sweet, innocent looking little boy actually having a sin nature!! Oh MY! LOL! Too funny.... Hope you are getting recipes so you can feed him mush when you spring him out!
    Our appointment date is July 13 so we may or may not see you on the 14th!! Probably coming as we are going!

  6. Hi Toby and Suzanne. Amy e-mailed me your blog. Will share it with Bill tonight. How awesome is our God!!! We are so happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet CJ! Love all the pictures! Praying for you all during this transition time until he is safely home with you here! With much love, Debby (never used a blog before...hope this gets through)

  7. OMG I cried so hard seing Zhenya's photo. I love that boy so much. been praying for him fo such a long time,,,