Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't know what day it is, but we got to see our boy again today!

Dobre-Day (Good Afternoon) Everybody!

We spent the night last night trying to find some descent internet because this wireless card is about as good as my Ukranian around here! I am going to be checking to see if we can find another apartment with high speed internet. We are paying way too much for these apartments that don't have everything we want. I know it, and I actually ran into a lady from Sylversterpole (as I like to say it) that said for sure they are taking us for what we are worth. She is going to look into finding some places for us to check out.  Also with the comment from our driver that said Dr's and teachers don't make $200 US in a month here. That means 3000 grievna is a whole lot of money for 10 days to stay. I know all you pros at this think well that just the way it is, but with lots of things here I have noticed, it does not have to be that way. So we will see what happens. 
We had another great morning with TJ. We seem to get along well with all the nurse staff so far. I am thinking my size is a big component in helping the situation. I know ultimatley it is God that is showing us favor though.

Again, he is definately showing seperation emotions which makes me sad and glad at the same time! We have met an Italian couple here Enrico and Marina. They are adopting a boy with no physical or psychological issues. He is a great English speaking Italian that has a heart for God and it is just some really great fellowship. TJ actually went to him and Enrico just melted. Becareful everyone, you will melt too! He is just sooo cool! Enrico is adopting a boy they are calling Maxamillion. Max for short! I get to see and play with a bunch of the other orphans as well! I have taught them the Tarzan call! So now when they see me they pound there chest and go AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Like Tarzan. The coolest thing is that Toby also has started it! He is showing some great signs of learning!

Well thos lousy internet won't even allow me to upload 1 picture. I will try later. I found this restautrant that is a block away that looks to be very inexpensive to eat, has a waiter that speaks some English, he said they have high speed internet there, and they are open till 11pm which 3 pm there in Nebraska!  So hopefully we will be able to share more. I had to walk home in the rain from my excursion while Suzanne slept. Man it is raining hard here!   Well I am going to go and enjoy a pork chop one of the neighbor ladies made for us with some Borschk, and salad. It was awesome yesterday! Home made! MMMMMMMgood!

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