Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day to me, and to all you Faahhthers!

Hello Everyone!

We had a great day today! It started off with waking up to my wife having Father's Day cards for me from my girls, which I can't wait to open ( i have to wait for them on Skype). Then we told our driver to take the day off and we were going to try the bus. We found out the bus #99 goes right next to our orphanage, and it only costs 2 grievna($.25 US) each way to take. We figured out that this will save us several hundred dollars in taxi fair for the rest of the trip. It was great! It actually took us less time by bus than car! Sooo we are going to tell our driver Paka Paka (Bye Bye)! We figured out the bus system due to some great American/Ukranian friends here! So we even figured out how to get back to the center market. This place is a HUGE outdoor market! We had some more good Ukranian food right off the street! It was only 12grievna ($1.50) a plate and it was gooood! I will have to get pictures the next time! We also had them make some Ukranian Chicken wrap (grilled) which was really good as well! It was about the same cost! All of you future parents coming over, if you have a heart for people and courage to speak up for yourselves you can really make this trip easy on yourself! Just ask questions and don't be afraid to stand for what you want! Sorry don't know why I went on that tangent! Anyways, some of you know me and the hat I got from my deceased father in law that I love.(it's the one in the family pic on our blog.) Well I found another one here, and best of all I found an exact match for Toby Jr.! See the picture! What a GREAT find for my Fathers Day!!!! We also went to a Baptist church here and it was awesome! We have some video we can try to upload. They sang How Great Thou Art, Amazing Grace, and other oldies but goodies in Russian and we sang in English it was cool! Then we also got to our visit late and I asked the nurses if we could stay and feed him tonight and they were glad to have us! Check out Suzanne in the nurse gear they had her put on to feed him! Oh by the way Nance's we got to hang out with Zhenya while we fed Toby and he is AWESOME! I know he can't wait for you guys to come and love him!

Well I will wait to have a great Skype call with my girls and at some point go find some more great Ukranian food with my beautiful bride! As my new Italian friend Enrico says "Ciao, Ciao"!


  1. LOVE the pics of TJ!!! I can't wait to meet him!! Give him a big smooch from the Johnson!! :o)

  2. Tessa thinks he's cute!!! :o)