Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hanging out in Kiev (longer than we hoped to:)

Well, for those of you who were concerned about the picture seems that there was just a random picture in his file.  We got the actual referral yesterday around 3pm and the name and birthdate on it are correct, so we are assuming that they just didn't have a baby picture of him so they place a random on in there. 
 Unfortunately, we are unable to head down to Simferopol until Sunday night.  Since it is the weekend, we are unable to see him until Monday.  UGH!!!  More waiting....
Although, today we were able to get together with two other Reece's Rainbow couples and hang out with them for a bit.  It is so cool to meet others who have hearts for orphans!!  (AND can speak English!!)
Toby has been making some unusual friendships with some of the locals.  For those of you that know Toby, you probably don't find that hard to believe.  He actually got a chest pump from a guy at the local market yesterday and has made good friends with the men at the local tackle shop:)  We have done a little shopping for souvenirs and Toby bought TJ his first (and ONLY) is not technically a speedo, but it is made out of the same material.  It is really cute.  We also bought him his first teddy bear...Baloo the bear. 
I will try to post the pics.
Well, not much more of an update for now.  We will be traveling down to Simferopol tomorrow night by train...a 14 HOUR ride!!  Please pray that we are able to sleep through most of it.

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