Friday, June 25, 2010

Wow, do my legs hurt!

Hello Everyone, (Actually I only have recieved about 3 comments from people, so Hello all 3 of you!) :0)

It's Toby again!

Where to start... Wednesday Suzanne and I officially(until the 10 day wait-actually 13 July 6th) became parents of our darling little boy Toby Lee McDonald Jr.!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!
Everything went well, except me asking for the 10days to be removed,(come to find this out on Thursday) that the question should not even be asked! Oh well there goes the theory "it never hurts to ask" only in the place we are though! Anyways we could not tell that court had any downside as a matter of fact the judge liked us so much that she complimented our supporter there, told the state lady she should get more involved because she sees the cause, and she let us take a picture with her! What an outstanding time! This judge we admire a lot! She was great!
Thursday, we moved out of our apartment to a much more affordable one. So far we are saving over $1200 in housing and transportation costs! We are saying No to the "American Discount" Praise God, anything to make this money stretch further is AWESOME! Thursday was Suzanne's official last day here in Simferopole. Her last day to be with our boy and me for the next few weeks! Saddening, and joyful at the same time because she gets to go back to U.S. and be with our girls! Who I miss SOOOOOOOO much! So we moved out Thursday and into the new place, besides it not having hot water, a toilet seat, shower curtain or rod, and a bed straight out of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, it is great!

Ok, so the hot water was turned on today, all the rest is the same but I am alone now so it is no big deal and I will pick up a toilet seat and shower stuff tomorrow and still save over $500 on rent alone!
The bed, well I think I broke it when got up last night. It is being supported by a glass bowl and the card board box that the fan came in! Hey like my friend Dave said it is a cultural experience!

So today is Friday and it is almost over. I left my beautiful bride at the airport early this morning! I am going to miss her, heck I already do! So then I spent the day walking it seems. I am trying to figure out where things are around here without having to bother the nice Christians here. Well that did not work out so well! I think I was lost for over an hour, and finally found this great pizza place that is dirt cheap and the food is AWESOME! They also have an American toilet with a seat! Ahhhhh! :0)  Then you know how I was invited to that graduation today, well I never made it there and could not get in touch with Raj. I called him 15 times because he told me to go to one place but he meant another. Oh well Happy Graduation Raj!
Well then I got to be with Mini me!!! It went great! We had a ball together and he kissed the phone when I showed him pictures of Mama! Other than that it was let's have a blast together papa day! He cracks me up and I am sure he will to all you who get to meet him! He loves swings so it looks like I will need to get a swing for him!

All in all I think I walked a good 10 -15 miles today, but hey it all ended well! I got this food for dinner tonight. Not bad, but not great either!

 Well off to to watch some movie and fall asleep as I await my daughters Skype calls! And if anyone of you want to Skype just look me up and the location is the city we live in Nebraska!

Have a good night and let me know you read this by leaving a short comment!



  1. You poor thing... I'll comment! Great post. Cracked me up! We are another RR family who is leaving in 15 days to go get our boy! Maybe we will see you leaving as we are coming.... Hope we get a bigger bed than Snow White's... My husband is 6'3"... I am a foot shorter so it wouldn't be a problem for me...

    Your boy is precious!

  2. I am 6'2" so he would have an issue! It would be great to meet you. I will certainly be able to help you guys out!

  3. give that beautiful boy a hug and a kiss from all his RR aunties!!

  4. I'm reading and praying for you all up here in NH!

  5. Your "Mini me" is precious. May the rest of your time go fast so you and your family can be reunited. Hope you are able to get some sleep in your Snow White bed. Prayers for you and your family from steamy hot Texas.

  6. Toby,

    I'm another one who is commenting for the first time, but I have been following your journey every step of the way. We were supposed to adopt from the same orphanage last summer, but for reasons out of our control ended up adopting our daughter from Kiev. I did end up meeting the Sloan's through all that though and have been so happy to read how much of a blessing they have been to the families down there. They are a wonderful family!

    T.J. is just too cute for words. When you said he kissed the picture of his Mama it brought tears to my eyes. The picture of you on the bed though made me laugh!

    I will continue to pray for you and your family as you complete your adoption journey and start on the journey as a family of 6.


  7. Congratulations! I have been following along but haven't commented yet (I don't think). Your little guy is just adorable1 I'm so happy that he has a family finally! God Bless!
    Amy Lucas

  8. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

    Following you every step of the way. :-)

  9. You are a hilarious guy and full of passion and love for your family! Hang in there these last few days/weeks and enjoy your time with your boy. He is absolutely a DOLL! I hope Suzanne has a safe flight home and I bet she can't wait to love on your girls :)

  10. Hey McDonalds! I'm thinking of putting one of those little portable kids potty seats in my purse when we travel. Check this out:

    Don't break that bed, OK? Who knows who may be staying there next!

    We leave Kansas on July 11. I guess that puts us in Kyiv on July 12, 13, 14 and 15. I bet we get to meet in person!

  11. Ive been following your blog from my friends, the Fergusons, and tonight I had to read it aloud to my husband. It was so funny! We will be praying for your time and the adoption. May the Lord bless you and your family in many unexpected ways this 10 days.

  12. I don't know - I think my husband and son are going to starve over there! I'm bringing peanut butter and jelly for them! They would take one look at the food in your pictures and die right there on the spot.
    So you were trying to spring that boy out of there and got caught?? Too funny. I told Rob (my dear sweet 6'3" husband who is a picky eater) about your blog last night and he LAUGHED! We always enjoy when the daddy's do the blogging write...