Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Sunday and it is real easy to leave comments now!

Wow, rough night trying to sleep, I think Dopey can have his bed back! :0) Also, I think the rain was making a tap, tap, tap sound on the aluminum window sil that kept waking me up! It's ok, I needed to get up and get going! When I say I miss my family it is a MAJOR understatement!
Got up and went to see my boy again today! It was great, ( I know I say that a lot, but wait till you see him smile at you!) he and I laughed and laughed this morning! He likes it when I pick him way over my head then tilt him down until touch noses and foreheads! It is FANTASTIC!
I hope you like the pictures I try to do my best taking pictures of us by myself!
So after that visit I went and bought guess what????????
A toilet seat, shower curtain rod, and a shower curtain! YEAH!!!!! I also went home and the landlord's apartment has a washer so I brought my clothes there, and tried to get connected wirelessly. However it was searching for a certificate because I think his wireless router security settings are messed up. So I never got on that was frustrating because his wireless router was all in Russian and it was a Dlink so I had no idea what I was looking at! That made me late for church, well that probably didn't but the bus hopping to get there probably did! I made it though it was pretty cool that I could manage to bus hop and make it there with no help at all! David gave a great sermon on Mark 5 and the Legion demons! I also got to sing Trust and Obey that I have not sung since old PCF days! It was cool, to sing in English while they all sang in Russian!
Well I just got done eating at my favorite restaurant called Creedo in English. It is GOOD and CHEAP! I forgot to take a picture before I started. I will come again and show you. Tonights visit went quick. We skyped the Urbans and my family from the orphanage! Whomever is thinking of adopting Zenya, I must say he is doing great! I see him everyday and while I wait for Misha's Pamper to be changed, I go and caress his face and hands along with the other kids there! Boy o Boy there are some cuties there!  Anyone looking to adopt a little girl with Downs would love this girl called Anya! Her smile is AMAZING! She is the cutest little girl too! Trust me when I say they are cute I mean it. You can ask my wife I don't throw those terms around about kids!
Well it is getting late and I need to install my toilet seat and shower stuff when I get home! I probably have to hang my laundry as well, so I better get going.

Please comment if you read this, it will do my spirit good!

Missing America, my friends, my little girls, and my FOXY, SEXY wife! (Ha Hon, I am too far away for you to get me for calling you that! :0)  )

Have a great night everyone!



  1. I love your 'self-portrait' pictures with you and 'mini-me'! You know of course that he is the reason why we tune in.... Pictures! How in the world did you find a church over there? How can you understand what is being said? Where exactly are you?

  2. Glad to see you at church today! Hope you can cash "Dopey" in for "Sleepy" tonight!

    Talk to you tomorrow!

    David and Jolene

  3. Toby, you don't know me, but I've met Suzanne and corresponded with her about your adoption process. I live in Cairo, so I guess we're neighbors. I'm adopting a beautiful little girl that I think is just older than TJ. She's in Russia, and yes she has an extra chromosome too. Love that extra bit of personality. Looking forward to meeting your boy. :)


  4. Julia, Yes I understand he is the reason.
    We found a great Christian family here and they showed us it. They are part of the leadership! Don't you know the gift of tongues? Just kidding! Jolene interprets very nicely for us what her husband is saying! Also there hymnals are in Russian and English. We are in the Crimea region south of Kiev! It is called Simferopol.
    Jolene and Dave, will do! :0)
    Deana,thats awesome! The personality is super!

  5. Absolutly LOVE, the close up of mini you and you, so super sweet. Enjoy your nights rest if you can get that. Blessings and again Thanks for posting.

  6. He is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. He looks at you with such love in his eyes. You all are adorable together. I read your blog everyday and can't wait to see what is happening. I have about 6 weeks to go before I get to come and get my boys (2 with DS) and your blog helps the time go by much faster!! Keep up the good work on blogging.

  7. So happy to hear that Zhenya is well! Give him as much loving as you can and tell him we are coming very soon!

    How's the weather there? Just curious. Hot and humid like Kansas?

    Great photos, by the way. Not bad at all for taking them yourself. Can't wait to see the photos of you both united with the rest of your family!

  8. Toby, I've been reading the blog and always enjoy it. I also passed it along to other church friends so they could also follow your journey.
    I saw Suzanne and girls walking into church today. It will be great when we see ALL of you walking into church together. The sermon was good. Pastor Mike talked about finishing strong (from I Cor. 9) so I encourage you to finish this trip strong in the Lord!
    Pam L.

  9. Toby,
    Thanks for your posts! It's fun to you and TJ too! I have been and will continue to lift you up in prayer. I know this is a long journey! Keep it up!
    In Christ

  10. I love reading your blog posts - it is so nice to read this journey from a father's perspective. You boys will be home with all your girls before you know it.

    Many prayers.


  11. Hang in there Toby! you are on the home stretch and you will always remember this VERY special time with your boy!!!!

  12. Stephanie@ralphcrew directed me over here. The families she has introduced us to through their adoption journey are amazing...the love for these kids is AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing the good news about Zhenya...I'm sure Steph is itching to get there and meet him for herself. =)

  13. Love the photos!!! You two are great together! :-)

  14. Hey, Toby! Today is the first day on your blog. It is really great to hear all the exciting things the Lord is doing in your lives. Separation is hard to adjust to. As I said this, I was thinking of the separation between a father and his children. How hard it must be for our Father and His children when we sin, and also for those who sadly become eternally separated...

    I am praying for you and TJ and glad to see the pictures. He must be a wonderful boy! I can't wait to meet him.

  15. Toby! We absolutely love reading your updates on the blog and seeing the pictures! Thanks for doing this!! We hugged your girls and foxy wife yesterday! They're all doing great, but miss you terribly! It was awesome hearing all about Mini Me from Suzanne! He is absolutely precious!! Hang in there! You'll be home soon with your little man!!! How exciting that will be!! July 6th, right?? That's Olivia's birthday. :o) We'll see you soon and look forward to reading more updates from you!! Love you lots!! The Johnson family xxxxooo

  16. reading here in indiana!