Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday, Monday,,,,

Well it is really late here and I cannot believe I am awake.
I woke up really late today too! Weird, this whole time change thing is definitely strange to me and my sleep!
So I got up this morning and did a little bus hopping and made it to the orphanage! That is always an adventure! Oh wait I have to show you my new bathroom accessories!

Pretty awesome hugh? Hey before you make fun of me and the colors they are. I suggest you go and remove your seat and shower curtain for 1 day and then come back and tell me how bad they are! :0) Really the choices here went from bad to worse on the designs and colors so.... I have always liked dolphins since the tv show Flipper!
Ok so now that you had your laugh at my expense, let's move on.
I saw my son for only a little while this morning because I over slept. It made me sad, but I think in the long run it was good for me. I was getting drained I think, and it helped I hope. Then I went to this place that makes a good pizza and the lady that started today speaks great English! I was so relieved. I could actually order something I have not had before! Yeah for variety! So I ordered their spaghetti with chicken. When it came out, I thought the waitress had really bad body odor, but it turned out to be the food instead. Seriously, it stunk so bad I started smelling my hands and my arm pits. It was a relief it wasn't me. I am not kidding it literally stunk like really dirty feet! What to do, but eat it. It actually tasted good.
It was nice to have someone understand me besides poor David over here. Poor guy, I am trying more and more not to call him, but sometimes I just need someone to interpret! It was raining again here. It has rained I think everyday since last week. The rain does not last the whole day though. it is weird. So I went back to the orphange, and had a good time with my boy. He was very tired though. Yeah this picture sums it I think! Boy when he gets tired, watch out! He is like his Mom, ahahahahaa! Got you again Babe! Make that 3 times now! :0) 
Man, I payed 120 grievna for some sandals to wear and I thought they were nice but think again. These cheap pieces of junk have not even lasted a week! Man I miss American rules because I would be returning these things in a heartbeat! Though I have walked more in these than I think I have ever done but still they are just cheap imitations. Frustrating, because I hate to have to wash socks!
 Well I had special visitors to the orphanage. David and his wife, they got to see how cool Mini-me is and how cute Anya is! They also got to see Zhenya I think. For those of you who are going to be his parents, and for those not, I saw them potty training him today! It was so cool to see! He is very smart! I love to see him with Misha everyday. I feel kind of bad taking Misha because I know Zhenya will miss him! They eat and play together, it is special. Speaking of eating, I had that awesome chicken kabob and freshly cooked syrian bread with vegetables. The veggies could of been better, but the other stuff is really really good and soo cheap!
Well hopefully I will get some American television from my landlords kid tomorrow! We had some time together and I am trying to motivate him to be a MAN! He is kinda doing nothing with his life right now and he needs to be! Well until tomorrow everyone! I look forward to your comments. If you do leave one Anonymously please at least leave your name at the end of the comment!
Here is some other pictures from today

Paka Paka everyone!


  1. You could start your own travel show...adventures with TJ :)!

  2. Toby,

    Thanks for keeping us informed on Zen! Just let him know that we will be there in a couple of weeks to spend time with him and then get him out of there. I am so happy to hear that him and TJ get to play. Run your hands thru his hair and let him know we are only a few weeks away from holding him, hugging on him!


  3. Love your new bathroom accessories! :o) Pretty in Pink! We're always praying for you, Toby! I'm encouraged to see that your sense of humor is still going strong! Thanks for the update! We truly look forward to reading these every night! We pray that you have a wonderful day tomorrow and an awesome visit with Mini Me!! We love you!! The Johnsons :o)

  4. Oh...and I forgot to comment about the stinky food!!! LOL I'm impressed that you were even able to eat it!! ;o)

  5. Nice shower curtain! Real pretty.

    Any idea what size clothing Zhenya might wear? I'd like to bring a couple of outfits with me.

  6. To whomever the parents of Zhenya might be,

    I will definately share the good news and affection the best way I can. If I were to guess, I would say he is about 2-3T (toddler) My boy is in 18-24 months clothing, that is how much bigger Zhenya is, he will be a great NFL football player one day! Toby

  7. I love reading your posts. :) Your little man is sooo adorable. I'm also glad to be reading about the food over there - looks like that will be an adventure in itself! lol.

  8. Okay - so we enjoyed your blog entry over dinner tonight. My younger son was laughing so hard he almost fell off his stool. He has issues with things that smell as he has the ultimate sensitive stomach. He would have lost his cookies if his chicken smelled! He's going with us and it should be interesting how many times he loses his lunch over there... between the crazy driving (he gets car sick) and the smelly food and the possibly smell at the institute - hooboy - I'm a bit worried. Anyway - we enjoyed your blog... Keep it coming! P.S. - I'm so jealous of the Nance family - they get to hear all about their little guy... We have NO IDEA about ours.... he's in an institute all by his little lonesome - he will be the first child adopted out of there from RR as far as I know...

  9. Hey Toby,

    This is my first time on your blog, and I am blown away with your courage and uplifting spirit. TJ looks wonderful!

    All our best, Roxanne