Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey Hey Hey, We are with Tj!

Hello Everyone,

This is actually Toby writing this time. We are having an amazing time with our new son! He is truly something special. He is almost four but is experiencing the terrible Two's! It is fun but sad at the same time because we can't really communicate with him, to properly help him with the NO he gives us! Still it was awesome to see him today realize we are special to him and to have him reach for us when we have to leave him. Again, it is great, but very sad at the same time. I had to hold back the tears! I just want to take him and make him ours, but I know I need to submit to the authorities in place. I can't wait to set him free, like Jesus does to us!
May God be glorified through this all! My prayer and hope from the minute we started is that everyone would see God through this all and bring glory to Him in Heaven! 

Well got to get to bed, the sunlight penetrates this place in the morning and makes it hard to sleep!


  1. oh i'm so happy for you all. TJ is so cute love the photo. My aden is 4yrs and still experiencing the terrible Two's lol wonder when it ends lol. we are so lucky

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!! congratulations!

  3. Oh, he is a doll! God is certainly being glorified in your willingness to sacrifice so much to bring this little one home to your family!

    Yes, how about that 4:30am sunrise???!!!

    Enjoy your visits with your son