Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wow, people are actually reading this

Good Evening All,

I can't believe the response you guys gave to my blog, what an encouragement thank you!!!!
Well Saturday has come and gone, and so have my visits. I thought I was getting really fortunate today, because I spoke to one of the nurses that knows some English and she told me it was ok to take Toby with me to the market, come to find out as I left the orphanage with him and was about 1/4 mile down the street the poor ladie came running after us, scared you could see, and said she mis understood me and that I have to be with him at the orphanage! B-U-M-M-E-R! So we hung out, and did some walking, swinging (he LOVES it), hugging and laughing! He is hilarious. Check out his jacket and outfit today!

Then I left and met another Malaysian family I met on the bus the other day and they speak perfect English! They were so relieved to find out I did as well! It was awesome! Izwan is the fathers name and I don't remember the others. He also encouraged me to come to Malaysia and gave me his business card to look him up if I come. He is some VP for Resorts over there! Is God good or what?

I got to meet up with the Godwin's! We did a little shopping and then some eating!
 It was great and they paid for me today that was sooo cool! Here is what we ate Greg had this mystery meat bowl! :0) Actually called "beef made the home way" I think. It was actually chicken wings in some broth, and with vegetables. Let's just say it's not making Greg's top 10 list! Megan had the the pyramid of rice and what they call Beef Stroganoff, she said it was good, then Mrs Godwin and I had crepes with chicken and cheese, I added a side dish of Chicken Julien (did not know what it was) The crepes came out ok, but they do not check the chicken for fatty parts and joints etc. So you could end up biting more than you can chew-literally! :0) The Julian is just cooked chicken with some cheese in a bowl. All in all, it was not great but better than others! It was just really nice catching up with the Godwins and enjoying their company.

Then I was off for my last visit today. I was tired! I got Mini-me right from his nap so it was cool, he was sooo happy to see me there. We sure did miss mama!

But me and my son (Wow can't believe I just said that! Isn't that awesome?) we got through the day having a good time on the slide and the swing and walking around together. He just loves to sit and hug me or sit on my lap and relax! Ah man, I don't deserve this. Thank you Jesus! Speaking of which, God started laying on my heart a message to be content. I started thinking about that and man o man how I can lose sight of things. Here I am in the Ukraine, totally by the grace of God, holding MY son and I am not content with being just on the orphanage grounds with him! What is my problem? I know it's that horible sinful nature in me warring to come out! Ah, to God be the glory for opening my heart to such things! I am so glad He holds me like I do my boy.

 Well I am going to go and maybe walk about a 1/4 mile to see if a restaurant is open so I can eat something. Have a great night everyone!



  1. I'm curious if you have cooking facilities in your new digs? I like my own cooking if you know what I mean!

    Your son looks great! Amazing what a little (or a lot!) lovin' can do for a boy, huh?

  2. Awesome!! He truly is a "Toby Junior!" :o)

  3. Stephanie, I left a reply to you on facebook. I figured out how to comment on this now.

  4. Thanks for sharing Toby and Toby Jr. Love the photos he is truely a beautiful boy. Blessings