Saturday, June 19, 2010

Never hurts to ask....

Hey Everyone it is Toby again,

I thought I would write to you all about today. We went to the orphanage again and was getting our son and I asked a nurse there if it would be ok to take him on a walk to the market. (this is outside the orphanage) She said yes and to be careful! (This right there is another bona fide miracle!! People you have got to believe or keep believing that when God says it only takes mustard seed size faith to move mountains, that He means it!). So we took him OUT! It was awesome and if we had high speed internet you could see the video of him riding his first little merry go round! Maybe later! Praise God everyone!!! We then stopped by some ladies pastry shop and bought to hot & fresh homemade cherry danishes with sugar on top for only 6grievna(about $.85 US)! How good can our God get???  So we then went strolling through this outdoor market place and park! It is awesome, we then took him on that merry go round! We ended up buying him a brand new Ukranian boys outfit for 40 grievna(which is $5 US). Wait till you see it, it is European cheesy! :0)  Suzanne the worrier she is could not relax and enjoy the time, fearing we would get in trouble, but me, I had a blast with our boy! Then we went home and started watching Greys Anatomy. So far it is ok, I thought it would be too raunchy, but that is not the case. (Thanks Andrea and Pichie) Then we went back to the orphanage and we have been showing off how much Mini-me is learning to walk and pound his chest and yell like Tarzan! It's soooo cool! He is definitely becoming territorial with me. As you all know, I love to play with kids and everytime they bring out other kids I like to try to share some love with them! Well, my boy does not like that so much! He gets very jealous of me playing with the other kids! Something we will work on, but it is also understandable at this point. So after we had a great visit with him we got together with 3 American families for dinner. We went out with the Fritzes, the Godwin's and the Sloans! What a good time and great food for cheap finally!  Hey I also got my haircut by a Ukranian barber today! It costs me 25 grievna(that is $3.10 US) What an amazing job he did! He also took out a real authentic barber razor blade to trim around my ears and the back of my neck! I could not believe it!  I got a great compliment from the head nurse when we were leaving Mini-me for the night, she said I was a "beautiful American boy" Eat your heart out Tom Cruise! :0)  Sorry Ukranian woman, I am taken!  

Well I want to leave you guys with this for today. Our God is the Only God worth serving. If you don't know Jesus Christ as your Savior, I hope you will know Him by the life we live for Him! My purpose in all this is to bring Glory to Our Heavenly Father. So please, no matter where you are or what your going through, cry out to Jesus and He will fill you up! 

I love you all with a Christ like love,

Toby(Sr.) - Ha I like that! :0)


  1. Hey Toby Sr.! I like your blogging style! Thanks for keeping us informed. It does my heart good to hear about your daily doings. Can't believe you asked for a field trip, can't believe they said yes. We have to try that, too! Can't wait to hear more!!

  2. I love reading these updates on your blog. :) Your boy is soooooo adorable. :) Very lucky parents indeed!