Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wow, its Wednesday already!

Thank you God, I get to have my beautiful bride with me a couple more days. Oh, how I will miss her! She is the otherside of me! But there's nothing like giving up your life for someone else! Girls mommy will be home soon!!!

Ok, Good Morning Everyone!

Oh how we miss you all, and the Freedom that God has brought to our country!
We got to go the Black Sea!! That was awesome, to see God in that part of this country and the people don't believe in Him, I just don't understand! It was like combining the great mountains of New Hampshire with the Cape all in one location! MAJESTIC!!! Oh how awesome our God is! I also was little crazy and grabbed this random rope and swang over the Black Sea, you should of seen the people starring it was hliarious!

Well we have had a great week so far with my little baby boy! He is learning so much, and boy does he like to dance! We have been able to see a whole bunch of really awesome kids in this orphanage, and if you think God is calling you to adopt, come and save some of these kids! They are so, so in need of families. Suzanne brought up a good point just now, the nurses at least in our room really do their "best". Can we teach them how to love, care and nurture them better? Sure but from what I have seen they are doing what they know to do. Hmmm food for thought for us Americans. How good do we have it? 
I have been so blessed by God to be able to communicate with so many Ukranians. They take my body motions and we eventually understand each other. It was so awesome yesterday the nurses at the orphanage need some mosquitoe repelent and asked me to buy some. I eventually figured that out with some interpretation. So I went to the market down the street, and asked the lady that bakes us fresh strawberry tarts everyday, and I motioned to her what I was trying to do, and she left her market and walked with me to help me get this repelant from another marketer. WHO NEEDS ENGLISH OR RUSSIAN! I tried to pay her and she very firmly grabbed my arm and told me basically no way would she take any money, and then when I got done paying the man for the repelent, he gave me a bottle of bubbles for the kids! I left there praising God and tearing up at the same time, a joyful cry I call it! For you guys to understand, it seems like no one here does anything to help without looking for something, just like in America, but God has shown us much different. He has shown me and Suzanne sooo much favor here, it is unbelievable! Miracle upon miracle, day after day. We seek Him as much as we can and he has honored what He says when we do this. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you!" Matt 6:33

As I am writing this we are soon going to have our court to see if we can have Mini-Me! We are really hoping and praying that the 10 day waiting period will be waived, this would be another miraculous event. This has never been done here in this region and we are hoping it will be another testimony to God that this is done. So be praying, and thank you for the prayers! We have certainly seen our God intercede for us!

So what else have we been doing? Sleeping, riding the bus, watching Toby Jr take almost 7 steps today to his mom from my hands, it was really cool! We also have been becoming bus rider experts( not really, but it has been fun), Suzanne got her hair professionally "chunked" for a total of 100 grievna, which is about 12 dollars! She looks GOURGEOUS!!!! I didn't think she could get any better looking but she did! I met a Malaysian student in the barber shop while waiting for her, His name is Raj and he saved Suzanne from becoming a total blonde! We thought we asked for highlights, and the lady started to work on Suzanne's hair and Raj came in and spoke English(Russian, and Malaysian) so I asked him to make sure she is getting highlights, and thank God I did! He is graduating from college here on Friday and he wants me to come! I think it will be great. His parents will be here. He is not saved,  but I have already planted the gospel seeds and He keeps wanting to be my friend so pray for Him!  He studied to become a cardiologist. He can't wait to come to America sometime, and he wants us to come Malaysia!  Well, I know this was long and there is so much more to tell, but I won't go on right now about it.

All the glory to God!


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  1. I've really been enjoying catching up on your blog. TJ is such a cutie! I hope you'll be able to bring him home soon. What a bkessing!

    My husband and I are just starting the process of adopting from RR and "our child" is at the same place as TJ. I'm not sure I'm supposed to share who it is as we are not officially committed yet. Would you mind emailing me at deut4.9 at gmail dot com when you have time and internet? I'd love to know if you have seen our angel. Thanks a bunch! God Bless!